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11.05.2015: European Creative Industries Summit – Brussels

On Monday the 11th of May, European Creative Industries Summit 2015 (ECIS)

"The Cultural Creative Entrepreneur in the 21st Century"

Brussels - Radisson Blu EU Hotel Brussels, Rue d’Idalie 35


Let's make a Europe of culture together!


Read the report of the European Creative Industries Summit

The European Creative Industries Summit is a project of ECBN*, European Creative Business Network. The Forum d’Avignon - as ECBN member and exclusive media partner - is delighted to invite you to:


WHAT? European Creative Industries Summit 2015 (ECIS)

"The Cultural Creative Entrepreneur in the 21st Century"

WHEN? on 11th of May, 1 to 5 pm

WHERE ? at the Radisson Blu EU Hotel Brussels, Rue d’Idalie 35 


Invitation upon request, because of a limited number of places

Mr. Tibor Navracsics, the European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth & Sport will open the first European Creative Industries Summit conference.


12.30   Doors Opening

1.00   Introduction

Bernd Fesel, Chair ECBN, Rotterdam

Leo van Loon, Spokesman ECBN, Rotterdam

1.10 Keynote

The Cultural Creative Entrepreneur: A Role Model in Europe?!  

Spillover of Social Good and Economic Interests -

Tibor Navracsics, European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth & Sport

1.30   Keynote

Cultural Creative Industries: Taking the Lead in Digital Change in Society, Economy and Culture

Prof. Dieter Gorny, President Bundesverband Musikindustrie, Berlin; Director european centre for creative economy, Dortmund

1.50   Dialogue  

Chances & Challenges for Cultural Creative Entrepreneurs  

Prof. Lutz Engelke, TRIAD, Berlin

Janjaap Ruijssenaars, Universe Architects, Amsterdam

Françoise Le Crom (Vivendi, France) Paris

=> Moderator: Laure Kaltenbach, Forum d'Avignon, Paris

2.35 Coffee Break

3.10   The National Agendas for Creative Industries in 2016

Presentations of 10 national & regional agencies from 10 member states

Austria: Gerin Trautenberger, creativ wirtschaft austria, Vienna; France: Laure Kaltenbach Forum d'Avignon, Paris; Italy: Prof. Pier Luigi Sacco, Milano; Slovakia: Michal Hladky, Kosice2013, Kosice; Latvia: Zanda Tamulone, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia, Riga; Portugal: Cristina Farinha, Addict, Porto; The Netherlands: Linde Gonggrijp, CLICKNL, Eindhoven; United Kingdom: Mehjabeen Price, Creative England, Bristol. Spain: Jordi Sellas, Director General for Creation and Cultural Companies of Generalitat de Cataluny, Barcelona.

4.10   The European Research Agenda 2016: Cultural Creative Spillovers

Richard Russell, Arts Council England, London

Toby Dennett, Arts Council Ireland, Dublin

Funda Celikel Esser, Joint Research Centre, Brussels

4.40   The European Policy Agenda 2016

Johanna von Antwerpen, ECIA, Amsterdam
 Economic Board

Caroline Norbury, Creative England, London

Bernd Fesel, Chair ECBN

Axel Ganz, Forum d'Avignon , Paris

=> Moderator: Laure Kaltenbach, Forum d'Avignon

5.30 Closing Words Bernd Fesel, Chair ECBN, Rotterdam

End / Get Together Drinks


To learn more and prepare the debates, discover the studies and reports of the think-tank of the Forum d’Avignon:


  • Proposal of Forum d’Avignon : Creativity in the financing models of culture REPORT
  • Cultural undertaking and investment REPORT
  • Emphasis on The Crowdfunding   REPORT


The Topic 2015: new crossover role of cultural and creative industries

Promoting the cultural creative industries to bring in its full potential for growth within the framework of the Agenda Europe 2020 has led the European Commission and currently the Latvian EU Presidency to focus its spillover effects in the wider economy and society. These transformational effects of culture and creativity beyond the sectors of cultural and creative industries are also on the agenda in several research and policy initiatives on national and European level.

While expectations towards culture and creativity are constantly increasing, the underlying qualifications and frameworks to produce such values have not been changed within the last years - one might argue they have deteriorated in many nations or sectors. Reasons here fore differ from nation to nation, but one change driver in all sectors and all nations is the digital revolution – opening new markets and business models as well closing and crushing traditional sectors which have employed several 100.000 players. Given the on-going focus on spillover effects of cultural and creative industries within the funding period 2014 - 2020, like Creative Europe, Innovation union, Horizon 2020, the ECIS 15 calls to debate the values and future identity of cultural and creative entrepreneurs and the policy frameworks necessary. Questions must focus multi-dimensional gaps such as between artistic autonomy and service, local and global, profit and non-profit of public ethical goods as well as between the interchange between private and public goods. These questions are not new, but digital and spillover frameworks are not new and so new answers must be developed to generate a sustainable next generation of entrepreneurs fit for these new spillover roles:

What is the next generation of cultural creative entrepreneurs?

Result and Actions

ECBN will issue a public manifesto and call for actions in the fields of EU funding calls and research in 2016 to address the EU-Council of Culture Ministers on May 18 2015.

All interested stakeholders - not matter if ECBN member or not - are invited to join the debate and sign the manifesto and call for policy actions. The draft will be published in April 2015 on and finalized at ECIS 15 on May 11 2015.


The European Creative Industries Summit 2015 is organized by the European Creative Business Network (ECBN), a bottom up non-profit foundation for the interests of the cultural and creative industries from currently 20 nations in Europe. ECIS is the continuation of the ECBN Policy Forum, which started 2012.

ECIS 15 is an information and debate platform for local, regional, national and European policy makers and stakeholders for the cultural and creative industries and welcomes around 100 participants every year. In 2015 it takes place in the Representation of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia in Brussels (tbc).


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* ECBN is a network of cultural and creative industries development agencies. It represent 17 board members and over 220 creative centres. The main aim is to help creative entrepreneurs to internationalise – to do business and collaborate internationally. ECBN were founded in 2011 and are a non-profit Foundation, based in the Netherlands.