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10.06.2015: The Debates of the Forum d’Avignon – Paris

In partnership with Kurt Salmon and Neuflize OBC Bank.

Wednesday 10th of June


Debate meeting by the Forum d’Avignon on the following theme:

“Which economic models in the age of collaborative economy?”


at Neuflize OBC Bank,
3 avenue Hoche 75008 – Paris

As part of the theme of the think tank of the Forum d’Avignon for 2015 ‘Culture made in Europe’, 

  • Philippe Vayssettes, Chairman of the Board of directors of Neuflize OBC Bank,
  • Hervé Digne, Chairman, Laure Kaltenbach, Managing director, Forum d’Avignon,
  • Philippe Pestanes, Partner, Strategy, Telecom, Media & Entertainment, Kurt Salmon

Are pleased to invite you to the debate meeting on the theme:

“Which economic models in the age of collaborative economy?”

The number of seats being limited, please confirm your presence by registering.


Digital technologies have significantly modified the traditional financing models of creative and cultural sectors. Under the combined effect of the abundance of cultural works, the questioning of the value chain and the growing use of consumers’ data, it must be noted that the financing models of these sectors are getting more and more “hybridized”, mixing income sources and terms (fee for service, renting, subscription, advertising model, crowdfunding…). In this context, which models can favor cultural diversity?

This debate will be the opportunity to discover exclusively the first conclusions of the study by Kurt Salmon for the Forum d’Avignon “Towards a necessary hybridization of economic models to support and favor culture”, co-presented by Philippe Pestanes, Partner, Strategy, Telecom, Media & Entertainment and Véronique Pellet, Senior Manager, Strategy, Telecom, Media & Entertainment at Kurt Salmon.

The Kurt Salmon study focuses on the economic models implemented within the cultural and creative sectors and makes sure to analyze:

  • The bases: level of hybridization of the models within the cultural sectors? Correlation between the sturdiness of the models and the digitalization index? Which distribution of value between the stakeholders in the age of new models?
  • The discriminating criteria regarding hybridization of models ; both between territories and between sectors;
  • The issues to look deeper into in order to support the sector and cultural diversity.

So as to discuss it, we will have the great pleasure to hear:

  • Adrien Aumont, Co-founder of KissKissBankBank, HelloMerci and Lendopolis.
  • Emmanuel Durand, Vice-president marketing at Warner Bros. Read biography
  • Steven Hearn, President of Scintillo Group.
  • Laurence Marchand, Director of production and artistic coordination, Théâtre du Châtelet. Read biography

Moderator: Forum d’Avignon